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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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[music] >> darya: good morning happy fourth of july to you, the top stories in the following open police are looking for four children that are believed be in danger this morning. we will tell you what to look out for. and local law-enforcement reminds people to be safe on this in the biggest day. we will take a look at the technology that one please department is going to be using to enforce that message. and before the holiday has begun, san francisco please have their hands full with homemade
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explosives. we will have details on this a first a quick look at weather and traffic. >> james: happy fourth of july and this is what the weather is going to be like today. that is going to be the kind whether we will enjoy all day today in a matter when you are. we will start off with some low clouds and patchy fog, but we are off to a pretty good start. this afternoon expect a lot of sunshine and out to warm temperatures around the bay with even hot conditions in and hit temperatures in the 80s and 90s and this evening will keep the mamie clear and mild as we head into the evening hours. we will have a more detailed forecast of what to expect now wants to traffic. >> george: we have an easy ride around the bay area no problems here. >> darya: good morning and
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thank you george, the search continues for four missing children that authorities believe are in danger. their mother, stepfather and babysitter have all been arrested in connection with this case. their disappearance comes after the police say three year old family member was beaten to the point where he had to be rushed to hospital. will tran is that children hospital oakland with the latest. >> reporter: the boy is inside and critical condition with a life- threatening injuries he was rushed here on monday after his babysitter found him on response to what the doctors tried to save his life the police launched their investigation and they say they found evidence of past abuse but they're not going into detail as to what type of abuse or how long it went on. they're giving us very little information. >> darya: we want to take a look at the screen here,
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these are the names of the missing children. they range from age 4 to 16 years old. they say that the four year old and suffers from epilepsy. investigation i have the pictures to give us the they're working on trying to get that so that you can get a look and be on the look out and maybe help them to solve the case. they believe the children are being held by other family members. oakland police are making sure that this year's fourth of july celebrations are safe. they placed beryl's across the city--barrels across the city to collect in the fireworks. >> reporter: i am at station 1 on martin the kindle part in downtown oakland they're hoping that they can get as many of the fireworks at the possibly can off the streets. so, they have set
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up these collection places at five different fire stations around oakland. there are no questions asked, come in drop off any of a fireworks that you want and you can leave, no problem at all. they say that this is a problem in oakland and they want to stop that as much as possible and i also remind people there is a $1,000 fine for people caught with illegal fireworks to they want to get this off the street. now we talk with someone from the oakland police department to talk about the other tools that will use tonight. >> we have a shot fighter that can identify, we have trained experts at the communications centers that can distinguish between fireworks and a gunshot as the type of information that we want to use to keep the officer safe and also keep the community safe. >> reporter: as i said there are five locations that you
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can drop the illegal fireworks off fat. i am at station 1 on marla to king way and station 3 and they also have stations four, 8920 and the addresses on the screen. they stages, and drop them off, leave and no questions asked. >> darya: you know what, there are plenty of fireworks to see, you and i have to do that yourself. we do have a list of safe and sane fireworks, but you know what you do not have to worry about a there are so many shows tonight. >> darya: the only place in santa clara county that allows fireworks is gilroy. >> darya: again, it is a lot
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easier and safer to watch someone to do the fire works for you. tonight you can watch the fireworks show with fireworks from all around the bay. >> darya: >> darya: police have found of the homemade explosives at a house in the mission district and san francisco. police found the equivalent of 12 sticks of dynamite david lee--they immediately search the home they say the owner allowed the officers to search the property and the area has since been declared safe. he is a convicted felon and now he faces 66 new felony charges. governor jerry brown says he wants to continue talking with democratic leaders
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about overhauling the state's pension system. he said he cannot reach a deal with lawmakers on his proposal that included raising the retirement age and moving workers to a hybrid pension 401k system he says there is still work to do to help contain rising pension cost. critics say these costs are unsustainable and compete with public education and other programs. city college of san francisco have eight months to prove that it should stay in business for making preparations for closure. this order came down from the accreditation commission. it says that city college as a failure to fix its problems means they can lose its accreditation and be forced to shut down. >> darya: thank you for waking up with the kron4
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morning news even though you probably do not have to work today. we appreciated, we hope you have a fabulous fourth of july. it looks like it is not to chilly out we have clear skies in san francisco, we will be right back.
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>> darya: taking advocate the sketch of a suspect in cupertino woman hit in her home as to burgers and is suspected of one of them did broken and stole her jewelry. santa clara county sheriff's were called to the 10,000 block of cordova row. the woman hit inside while the robbers were stealing things out of her home, the two of them got away on foot before the deputies got to the scene. >> darya: san francisco mayor ed lee says that the city will not pay to fly in ross mirkarimi is wife that the venice--back from venezuela. she says the she would like to testify on her husband's behalf bush cannot afford to buy the plane ticket back to their ticket it appears that she will now testify via satellite.
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>> darya: if you are looking for a new place to live, it may be cheaper to buy instead of red. the real- estate website trulia says the u.s. branch rose 5.12% and in some areas increased even more, those of san francisco work and at least 15% more than they did one year earlier. the biggest jump is among the larger cities. analysts say the increase in the rent is due to a large number of former homeowners displaced by foreclosure driving up the demand for rental homes and apartments. now let us take a look live in walnut creek no one is on the road. 680 is a breeze. the five there is a lot of sunshine will be right back.
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>> darya: officials of planning to close one of the state's popular parks indefinitely. you can see the damage here is off- limits to visitors through the fall. rushing water from the st. louis room walked out a big chunk of the only road way through the park.
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there's all full extent of damage to the park 50 now trail system. now look that video that the russian war officials of warning visitors to not attempt to come into the park. now let us take a live without thorough room window. we are high above the cloud and in looked terrific. now let a few will be like later on. we want to know if these clouds will clear out will they? >> james: yes, they fully they will. by the afternoon will have plenty of sunshine and some legal the knife with an july day. it will be on the hot site for a lot of people. here is live with the temperature is right now. we have a lot of mid-50s. >> james: as we take a look
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you can see exactly what we are talking about. it is predictable flow from we have seen this week. as for temperatures this afternoon that is taken and how warm it will give and it will get warm. the vast majority will see '70s and '80s as we push, you can see the lead in the san jose area especially at and east where we have delta locations in the livermore valley and the portion of the san ramon valley. it is going to be a toast the fourth of july. taking the to the numbers in the south bay. a looking for low 80's in san jose woman up to mid '80s out by los gatos. it's going to be really nice and again we have plenty of blue skies and sunshine all-out today. ultimate decision unless he temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s very similar to yesterday's with even mid to upper '70's possible for the facial line. the san
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francisco, downtown we are looking at 64. willis stake here for this evening? let us give you a quick look at your for the july forecast, take a look. to be in these locations broadcasting so if you are going to be anywhere in san francisco, 11 hill, or milpitas, this is the way that you are expecting. san francisco will get partly cloudy during the evening hours. her fingers crossed for a pretty good fireworks show. there will be clouds on the increase as we get later into the night i think we will be in good standing who have your extended forecast with your seven day around the coming up. can you hear me ok?
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>> george: of kaye great, now had to concede there is no back up here for the lead. for the sanity of bridge, the could that, you can shoot a camel across the freeway and not hit anyone. >> george: 2 yes, parking meters are enforced on holidays and posted times are enforced and you have to run out and move your car before the street sweeper,
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through the neighborhood. some people wonder it's about keeping the streets clean or adding some extra revenue. >> darya: you really wonder about that george? [laughter] >> darya: she have a happy fourth of july but drive carefully and his date the deadliest day of the year on the road. not only isn't ranked no. 14 fatalities with an average about 140 deaths each year but they say it is the most of four teenage drivers they make up nearly 10%. this is coming to us from aaa and a high proportion of deaths are related to drinking and driving on july 4th. two years ago on july 4, 1939 percent of fatalities involved a drunken driver compared to the 31 per cent only. if you ask a lot of people what is the most
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dangerous than to drive you live in new year's eve? no, it is to date july 4th. president obama will be celebrating independence day at the white house after coming back from camp david he will deliver remarks at a naturalization ceremony for service members. later today he and first lady will host a fourth of july celebration with barbeque and a concert and fireworks. guests include members of the military and their families. and provincial nominee mitt romney is taking a break from vacationing in new england to march in a local independence day parade. they're running his plan-- family plant to march through will often borrow new hampshire are. meantime trouble for the family. he had an offshore company that they of the public eye for nearly 15 years. the bermuda based company was not listed
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on any of his state or federal financial reports until this year. there were several holdings that were not fully disclosed. this suggests that in the rally could be both here than the $250 million estimated by his campaign. he has never been cited for failing to disclose information about his wealth. >> darya: a batch of fireworks went off on the deck of a home in new hampshire yesterday the house was filled with smoke when the firefighters got there there were 30 people in the home, nine people including three children had to go to the hospital. neighbors said it sounded like gunfire. >> it's somewhat like a million of gunshots going off. i thought it was because i was so close. >> darya: police say two of
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the children that were just three in four years ago were severely injured. neighbors say the owner of the home cook 20 large fireworks display every fourth of july. unemployed veterans may be heading back to school by the thousands under a new federal program that will pay for up to a year of education. so far there has been an enormous response to this program. it is called the veteran retraining assistance program more than 27,000 unemployed veterans have applied in more than 13,000 have already been expected. the program is first come first serve for qualified veterans between the age of 35 and 60 who are unemployed at the time of the application. we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes to get you going on this wednesday morning. this is the fourth of july and it looked like a lot of people may not have gone going they are probably still sleeping or in a bed like you are. here's the fan until bridge is crystal clear with no traffic.
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>> darya: the raiders gave the oakland school district a check for more than $60,000. the money will go to the school district has endured teacher layoffs and school closures in recent years. and competitive
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eating aficionado's are gearing up right now for this year's nathan's famous for the july hot dog eating contest. here is the video from last year's even. in 10 minutes, let us see how much you can eat. in nearly 30 contestants even the winning do their part in the wash it down with a little bit of water and this five time champion and san jose native chile chesnutt is the one defending the title. the 868 hot dogs in 10 minutes. for the females, the champion is sonya of a virginia. the winner will get $20,000. i guess they can use that at weight watchers. [laughter] >> erica: it is just what's the year, i guess that is a way to celebrate a fourth of july and are fan page i asked viewers how they planned on celebrating and check out the responses.
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>> erica: to leave your own comments, you can visit our kron4 facebook fan page while you're on the internet go to for pictures and everything you will need to know about local fourth of july events. >> darya: happy fourth of july thank you for waking up with us on the kron4 morning news. we will get you going with everything you need to know. let us take a look at pier 39 in san francisco getting ready for the fireworks show tonight. !oñ?
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>> darya: that the store is the fall of this fourth of july, oakland police are looking for four children that are believed to be in danger after one of their siblings was beaten so badly he had to go to children's hospital in oakland. oakland
6:31 am
police are ready to crack down on anyone and setting off fireworks. patrol cars will be using computers connected to the shot spotter systems. if you plan on enjoying the fireworks later tonight for the most part we are expecting pretty clear conditions with a light wind around the bay and is that a live shot of the bridge? it looks like there is in the befall them. --a little bit of fog there. >> james: do not worry, it will burn off as you head out today. we have higher temperatures in the '70s and '80s and possibly some nineties in the inland spots. now as we round out the weekend of looking for a fantastic weekend. i'll have your 70 forecast coming up to explain all this in detail. >> george: is a quick
6:32 am
commute check. you will find flight traffic in the south the east bay's problem free and so is your north bay ride on 101 the peninsula. >> darya: thank a lot george that are developing story a three-year old war remains in critical condition at a hospital in oakland and the search is on for his four siblings the family has found--was found to have evidence of child of these three roles been so that he had he rushed to hospital so the mother, stepfather and a glycerol arrested in connection with this and the police are looking for the four children take an extreme, it shows who there are in their ages the children range from 4 to 16 years old they say the four year-old suffers from epilepsy. they do not have pictures of the children at
6:33 am
this point they are working on that because they hope that will help the public involved in finding the four children that are believed to be at risk after the little boy, the three year- old was found beaten so badly that he had to go to the hospital. in all, police are ready to crack down on anyone setting off illegal fireworks. the oakland police, their patrol cars have these computers that are connected to the shot spotter systems. this will tell the officers with the fireworks are. they usually use them for gunshots, the system can tell the difference between gunfire and fireworks. the fine starts at $1,000 and can go all live to $10,000. is it worth it? there are a lot of shows around the bay area will show you all of them. an important thing to will is that the risk of and ignited a fire from the fireworks. in dublin a worker defended selling fireworks and other items
6:34 am
saying that the profits go to the worthy causes. van multi it supports nonprofit groups and we provide services that we would not been able to provide otherwise. this fireworks' fell promotes a youth group so that kids can go on various trips through out here. we hope and as we say to everyone that comes in, be safe and have fun. >> darya: you can only like fire work where they are legal and then are only in certain places in town and you have to be 18. the could all the paperwork of the have allowed for how to set off fireworks and safely and be ok. you can have someone else do fireworks when there is no risk or danger so watch right here on kron4.
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we will broadcast from all around the that is tonight right here on channel 4 at 9:00 p.m.. >> justine: this just in, a new poll shows that a growing number of californians are disapproving of gov. jerry brown's job performance. just days after he signed a new budget this is what the polls show, 42 percent say they disapprove of the governor. his approval rating slipped from 48 to 44%. voters are not pleased with the key provision of the budget that hinges on tax hikes. three-quarters oppose the automatic spending cuts planned for schools. now this is what we are watching in the kron4 newsroom. >> darya: nearly two years after a pg&e gas line ruptured they are now asking
6:36 am
the public utilities commission for a rate increase to improve the safety of its gas and electricity delivery system. they are requesting that ratepayers kick in at $1.2 billion and an additional half a billion dollars in 2015 and 16. residents and state officials are saying that it is not the rate payers that should fit the bill for the repairs. >> we should not have to pay more, you should fix the problem of long time ago. >> it is not our fault that they diverted that money in those dollars from the operational improvements that were necessary they diverted those into profits in bonuses for executives. >> darya: although pg&e has requested the rate hike the change will not be made pg&e would not go on camera to talk about the latest request but the company did issue a response saying that
6:37 am
the increase was needed to meet customers' high expectations. we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes, what you expected to be like for the fourth of july? james knows. he has the answer and right now we do see a little bit of fog out there. in this shot san francisco looks nice and clear and sunny. james will be along to give you the forecast for your james will be along to give you the forecast for your f[ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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and national news in florida judges scheduled to decide whether or not to release on bond george zimmerman. he is the neighborhood watch in that shot and killed 17 year-old trade on martin in florida his original bond was revoked last month in florida because he and his wife were not honest about
6:41 am
their finances. meantime a new medical report says that george zimmerman suffered head wounds from his account was martin who was unarmed but said that he killed in self-defense. the head of a german state intelligence agencies being fired over mishandling investigations into a neo-nazi group that is believed to have killed 10 people. the small group avoided detection for more than a decade until last year. it's alleged victims were mostly of turkish origin. this comes one day after the national the minutes--the national domestic intelligence agency head step down. now scientists are one step closer to unlocking one of the universe is the deepest secrets. one of the two independent teams working at the lab said they found strong evidence for the higgs particle, they call it the god particle that will
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help explain why it mass, one of the un to answer questions in the weight that the universe works how reforms. they present their evidence at a conference in geneva. now we will take a quick look outside at the sun before we take a quick break. there is still ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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this week, the farm comes to you. fresh sweet corn is an amazing 6 for a buck. arrowhead water is just $3.33 a case. and honey bunches of oats just $1.88 a box. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. >> darya: we are focusing a children's hospital in a three year old boy is injured the lead to the beaten by someone in his family and now his four siblings are missing. police are looking for the other four siblings that they believe may be in danger. san francisco will not pay
6:46 am
for sheriff ross mirkarimi is like to fly back from venezuela to testify. she said she wants to testify on her husband's behalf but cannot afford a ticket home so she will testify on satellite. the bay area is gearing up for the big fourth of july celebrations. we are looking live at pier 39 is one of several spots where you can catch the big fireworks show. of course, kron4 will bring it all to your living room. i am looking at this and the flags are flowing pretty good. the two things we did not want is wind, or fog or clouds. >> james: the wind will be on the mouse tie. is we see out there in the fall of that receipt out there will go away. and it has. everyone we have woken up to see cloud and overcast conditions in and around san francisco and the nuclear route we have live sunshine. you're a fourth of july will be a fantastic.
6:47 am
>> james: we had antioch and 60 degrees at our last of day. we have a review mouth start to the morning and by this afternoon we are looking for a light wind to be hanging around, the new sunshine ticket. this is how the trip to will look around lunch time with cooler conditions along the coast. we have '70s and '80s there where else at let us walking through the warmest time of the day. we are looking at 60 to 70 degrees and then in and we have 80 than 90. take in the could the to to specifically. 697 cisco, 74 oakland. as you head out to the east we have up 80's and low 90s. here is your seven
6:48 am
day around the bay forecast. we have more weather today and a nice way to wrap up the week with some morning fog but afternoon clearing. >> george: if you happen to find out at around a quick look at the bridges shows no back up or the leg. the bay bridge is completely clear with no metering lights. san mateo bridge and highway 92 look good. the have like traffic in both directions. the golden gate bridge has a buffer zone that is set up. they have not taken away the safety of
6:49 am
maine at this morning. is likely to stay in place through the normal commute hours. now taking a look at some street closures in and around san francisco because of the holiday celebrations today it will be shut streets like these along the embarcadero and areas around the muni pir and pier 39 already shut down. many are in the early morning hours. a little later on this evening when the fireworks starts or after 9 we could see the marina boulevard shut down. the embarcadero will be close north of broadway, so how we did to you can use the shuttle's that are developed. they will run several shuttle from different points throughout the city. >> darya: thanks a lot
6:50 am
george, now the jury is out in the preceding trowel. they received the trowel on monday. in the trout, 44 euro william h. that you see there in the red tide told the jury that father mender raped him and his little brother back in 1974 when he was 7 and his little brother wishes for years old. he says that of the is destroyed his life and that is why he attack and beat lendor that in 2010 at a los gatos retirement home. the jury says every day for the past week and have, i mean the supporters outside will continue to picket outside waiting for the jury to return the verdict. those that are outside into the parent will image and others that claim that they too were molested by father
6:51 am
lender. some people carry signs as to concede they are walking around and waiting for this to come in and they're demonstrating. their hope is that the jury will find him not guilty of beating up the priest. >> as the time ticks by and we have more hours passing for jury deliberation we are more hopeful we believe that there are discussions going on in the facts of wills cases are being evaluated. we hope the jury is discussing all the different aspects of the circumstances and that there may be more favorable results. >> darya: lynch is facing a felony count of assault and elder abuse. the jury will resume at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. in gilroy this morning a man is behind bars charged with possessing
6:52 am
child pornography. michael spencer was arrested yesterday at his home on gave birth weight. he was being investigated by the silicon valley and it crimes against children is task force. he is now being held on $25,000 bail. san francisco police are investigating a shooting that happened. shots were fired around 2:00 p.m. yesterday. the only thing that was hit was a parked car. police detained one person that they think may have been the shooter but they are continuing their investigation. sonoma county deputies say they caught the man that has been stealing expensive sprinklers from vineyards. in the past nine months, 18 sprinklers worth $50,000 had been taken right out of the ground. police had a vehicle description and they identified the suspect. while they were following him they say that they saw him stealing more sprinklers so he was booked into the sonoma county jail
6:53 am
on multiple charges. the raiders' managing ben davidson has passed away after a battle with prostate cancer. he was one of the true characters in the game and back it up with his plays on the field. a three- time afl all-star he was an integral part of the fears raiders defense that became known as the 11 angry men. he played 11 seasons 7 with a silver and black after his career he became a famous tv pitchman for miller lite. >> when you are a big guy like that always want to see how strong you are. while this mom works, this will always relaxes with a light beer from miller. it has a third less calories and it tastes great and what i like about it is less filling. >> darya: in addition he became a successful actor he had rules and conan the barbarian and unnecessary roughness. we will be back
6:54 am
with more in just a few minutes. here is a shot of the clear skies over san francisco from our roof camera. we have seen a little bit of fog we will talk about when that will clear so that you can see the fireworks tonight and we will talk about our big special tonight that you will see on channel 4 at 9:00 p.m., we will be right back. building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone.
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i only use french's french fried onions on my crunchy onion chicken because it's america's number one brand. just minutes to make, then bake! >> erica: thanks for spending your fourth of july with the kron4 morning news i am not entering the top stories around the web, here are three stories everyone is talking about. the amazing spider-man crawled its way into theaters and took in about 7 1/2 million dollars post midnight screenings. that matches the amounts that the to attend
6:58 am
back in 2007 and remember the former warriors player that turn in be a sensation he is meeting with the houston rockets today and could sign an offer close to $40 million. right now he is a restricted free and meeting the new york knicks can match any offer that is given to him. an 18 year-old adjusted beiber is officially--justin beiber is officially a high-school graduate after he completed from online courses. now we have to take a quick break the kron4 morning news will be right back stay with us. ask me how i've never slept better. [ male announcer ] why not talk to one of the six million people who've switched to the most highly recommended bed in america? ask me about my tempur-pedic.
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